About Tidalflow

Empower Health, Empower Life

In a world where health, bodies and lifestyles are unique to every individual, we pioneer the revolution of personalized well-being. Harnessing the power of AI, we make optimal health achievable for everyone. Our vision is a future where personalization in health and fitness isn't a luxury, but a standard for all.

Your Journey, Our Mission

We are committed to transforming the health journey into a personalized adventure. Our mission is to eliminate obstacles, and provide an empowering path to personal success. We're not just about exercise; we're about shaping a healthier, happier you. Our success is defined and measured by our users achieving their unique vision of a healthy life.
The latest developments within AI opened up hyper-personalization at scale, and drove the marginal cost of expert knowledge orders of magnitude lower.
Sebastian Jorna
CEO & Co-Founder at Tidalflow