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What is Tidalflow?

Tidalflow is Your AI-powered Personal Trainer.

They bring you all the benefits of having a Personal Trainer who is the worlds most:
- Scientifically Educated
- Patient
- Emphatic

They are available 24/7 365d and their entire mission is to make You successfull on Your unique health journey.

You can outsource everything to us that isn't doing the actual exercise.

We give you:
- One Plan, which flows with the unpredictable rhythm of Your life  
- Step-by-Step guide through the exercises in the plan

Say goodbye to:
- Overwhelming feeling of too much fitness content and choice
- Spending time at the gym and not seeing results.
- Decision fatigue of what the right exercises and sequences are
- Having a rigid workout plan that clashes with the fluidity of your busy life
- Confusion and intimidation by all the different machines and exercises in the gym
- One-size fits all fitness apps

What are the benefits of an AI-Personal Trainer?

Their entire reason of existing is to make You successful on Your unique health journey.

They are:
- Highly Knowledgable - Trained on most scientific health research
- Infinitely patient - 24/7 365d available and never tires
- Emphatic - Nerver judges, only suports
- Motivation expert - adopt the style that best suits you
- Your biggest supporter

What do I actually get with Tidalflow?

1) You get One workout plan broken down in:

- Monthly goals
- Weekly cycles
- daily workout routines

The plan is:
- Hyper-personalised to you
- Adaptable to the rhythm of your life
- Based on peer reviewed scientific health research

2) A step-by-step guide through the workouts

- See how to perform the exercise
- Keep track what weights, and number of reps you need to do
- Get feedback on how to do the exercises with proper form

3) 24/7 chat with your AI-personal Trainer

Adaptable to the rhythm of my life ?

The problem with most workout plans today is that they are too rigid.

What if today is too buys at work? What if I'm traveling the next days? What if I don't feel super well today? What if I missed the workouts of the last weeks?

Life is unpredictable, and hence you need a plan that is as flexible.

Just send your AI-personal trainer a message. Your plan is instantly adjusts to fit your schedule, while ensuring the overall goals of the plan are still on track.

Just tell Your AI-personal trainer:
"Hey, I'm traveling the next 3 days and don't have access to a gym" 
-> "No worries, I adjusted your next workouts into an exercise routine you can complete in your hotel room" 

"Hey I'm super busy tomorrow and can't make it to the gym for my 55min workout"
-> "No worries, that's life. I changed tomorrows program to a short 10min routine you can complete at home. That way you can keep the momentum and crush your busy day tomorrow with plenty of energy"   


How are you different from all these other apps?

What Tidalflow is doing by leveraging AI was simply not possible even a few months ago.

Most other apps fall into 2 categories:
1) One-size fits all. Overwhelming amounts of content, most which is not relevant to you.
2) Using real-life Personal Trainers in the background. Costs +$150-250 per month

Problems of One-size fits all (1)
- Overwhelming amounts of content, most not relevant to you
- Cheap and ineffective
- Rigid

Problems of using a real-life trainer in the background (2)
- Very expensive, $150-$250 per month
- Trainers are not available 24/7
- You have to be lucky to get a good trainer, can be a hit or miss
- You are one of many clients of that trainer
- Your trainer often switches, and now you have to build up the connection from zero again

What can Tidalflow deliver with it's novel AI-personal Trainer approach?
- You and your unique health journey are the AI-Personal Trainers one and only mission
- 247/ 365d available, and never leaving your side
- Never judges, and is your #1 supporter
- A luxury that is affordable for most


Together, we figure out:
- Your goals
- Your interests
- Your experience
- Your schedule
- Your body
- Your prior injuries
- Your available equipment.

You then get one hyper-personalised, yet scientifically grounded workout plan and step-by-step guidance.

You can ask your unique AI-personal trainer all the questions you want.

You can request last minute changes to your workout based on the unpredictable rhythm of your life

Infinitely patient - your #1 supporter

Their sole mission is to make you successful on your unique health journey